Extra Curricular Activities

Besides the cultural and literary programmes in the school, the school promotes outdoor and social activities like adult literacy campaign, social awareness, healthcare mobilization, child line club, environmental club. Etc.

Our Teaching Learning Process: Curriculum

The academic year of the school is from April to march. The course of study followed in the school is in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the Council for the Indian school Certificate examinations. In order to prepare the students for the ISC/ICSE Examinations.


The school owns a fleet of 7 buses adhering to strict safety norms. The school provides conveyance facility to the students coming from far away colonies. However the preference is given to the children of the lower classes.


A well-equipped medical room, separately for boys and girls, takes care of all minor ailments and also deals with emergencies during school hours. Doctors are available on call to, meet any emergency, regular medical check-up is carried out for the benefit of the children.

Science Labs

The school has well equipped science labs of physics, chemistry and biology with the latest apparatus to accommodate the students at a time. The basics purpose of the lab is to prepare own.

Smart Classes

Good number of our classrooms are converted into technology-enabled smart classrooms equipped with interactive Digi board systems. A powerful smart class application engine allows Teachers to view and plan relevant digital content for their classroom sessions as per the syllabus. Thus, the students are given maximum’ chances to develop into challenging human in this world.

Computer Lab

Computer science was introduced into the school curriculum in 1995 with the intention of accelerating a creative interest in modern technology and scientific knowledge.
It is fully equipped with the latest state of the art, computer software hardware and networking, it is actively used under the guidance of well qualified and experienced staff for imparting computer skills and knowledge to the students.


He School has a well-stocked, spacious library to quench the children’s intellectual craving. The library helps the children to upgrade and update their knowledge and reinforce their classroom learning. The treasure trove of their knowledge and reinforce their classroom learning . The treasure trove of our library are illustrated encyclopedias, books, story books, selected daily newspapers weekly and monthly magazines and periodicals.

Physical Education

A sound mind in a sound body. The school gives due importance to physical fitness through regular physical training. Annual sports and Games is held every year. Besides students get opportunities to take part in the Inter-House and inter-school competitions and friendly tournaments with other schools. The English medium School sin the diocese of Gorakhpur conduct Inter school competitions in sport and games and cultural programmes, in order to cultivate and promote mutual understanding and unity among the students of our school.