Vice Principal's Message

“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”
Swami Vivekanand

Every human being has a struggle within himself to achieve perfection. On the journey to perfection some people win, some people loose and a few give up. The road to perfection owes very much to knowledge . As Education imparts knowledge, it always brings forth the complete being in every person. Proper education makes person a good human being and a good human beings make a better world to live in.
The motto of the St Therese’s school i.e. to know, to love, to serve goes along with the words of Swami Vivekanand. The Theresians always manifest their perfection in every aspects of life. By knowing loving and serving they spread the fragrance of love and service in this area and in the different parts of the world as well. The institution always envisages the complete formation of a child once he /she enters the gate.
The ongoing pandemic era has affected all the aspects of life and the education field too have a great impact and challenge ahead. I strongly believe that management and staff of St Therese’s school is ready to face the challenge and march ahead. I feel very much honored and blessed to be part of this prestigious institution of Kushinagar District.
I pray God’s abundant blessings on all of you and wish a successful year ahead.

Fr Johnson K S
Vice Principal.