• The academic year of the school is from April to march. admission to classes lower k.g. and upper k.g. are taken in march -April.
  • Application to other classes will be entertained only at the instance of vacancies in those classes.
  • The prospectus with Application form shall be available from school office during the prescribed hours.

Requirements for Admission in L.K.G. Eligibility

  • A child who has competed three and a half years on March 31st of the year of admission.

Date of Birth Certificate

  • Baptism Certificate from the parish priest, (In case of Christian children)
  • Birth Certificate from the competent authority, such as: Panchayat / Nagarpalika.
    A. No other Certificate from whatever source it be, will be accepted.
    B. Date of birth once given shall not be changed on any account whatsoever.
  • Stamp-size photographs to be affixed on the Application form


  • Interaction with the child application for admission shall be taken on the date informed.
  • Children brought for interaction shall be able to:
    Recognize and recite English Alphabets
    Recognize and recite Hindi Alphabets
    Recognize and count number 1-50
    Recognize Colours, flowers, animals, birds and fruits.
    Answer question smartly and intelligently.

The interest and AVAILABILITY of the parents in helping the child will be specially counted in the election of children for admission in class I – VIII.


  • Transfer certificate from the school where the students is student is studying.
  • Date of Birth shall not be changed at any stage later.
  • Application to class I to VIII will be entertained only at the instance of vacancies in that particular class, which will be announced when the session is resume.
  • Prospectus and Application form will be available from office of the school at subhash chowk during the fixed hours for those classes in which vacancies are declared.
  • Stamp-size photographs of the student to be affixed on the Application form and interview slip.
  • The parents of the student shall necessarily be presented to submit the Application form in the school.
  • Written Test will be taken in English, Mathematics, Genial Science/physics, Chemistry, biology and Computer, Hindi

Written Test

  • Student who score a minimum of 50% marks in each subject separately will be called for the interview.
  • List of the student selected for Interview will be released on the notice board.
  • The following documents are required at the time of interview.
    A. the Interview Slip
    B. the original Report Card (mark list) of the qualifying examination.