Attendance & Leave

  • A minimum attendance of 75% of the working days will only qualify a student for promotion; hence regular attendance is highly necessary.
  • Attendance is compulsory on national holidays, such as the independence day, republic day and on holidays such as Teacher’s Day, children’s Day, Christmas Tree, Opening and Closing days of the Term, opening days after the special holidays, and other days specially asked from the school . Absence on these days will be punishable. In case of sickness, it must be notified to the school authorities in time. I.e. on the day of absence itself.
  • During class hours students will not be allowed to go home or elsewhere; In case of emergency, the parent of the student has to give the explanation and bring parent copy of the ID card of the student or has to give the authorization to anyone else sent; however the decision remains at the discretion of the Principal;.
  • Leave of absence for the whole day or part there of will not be granted except in emergency case and on the previous written application of the parents, or guardian in the absence of parents.
  • Frequent leave and repeated absence for festivals, weddings, trips etc.....will render a student liable for removal from the roll.
  • Medical leave for more than three days must invariably be accompanied with medical certificate.
  • Leave application will invariably bear the signature of the Parents guardian in their absence). Failure to submit an application for the leave will render a student liable to be sent home.
  • Student shall be punctual and regular in attendance. For leave of absence prior sanction to be obtained from the principal in writing. Those who absent from the school for more than three days without prior sanctioning of leave may not be allowed to enter the class without taking explanation from parents.
  • There are 14 numbered leave application forms given in the diary for these of an academic year. Students who exceed this limit have to apply to the principal for new diary.