Dear friends,
At the very outset, it is my proud privilege to greet you, with warm prayerful best wishes and choicest showers of blessings from the almighty God. Blessings of God to all who access the website of St. Theresa’s School.
I am happy to know that the Principal, Staff, Parents and students worked hard to overcome the past few months of hardship. With a sense of pride, I can honestly say that St. Theresa’s School is making whole hearted efforts to provide all facilities and of opportunities year by year, to our students for their all-round development together with imparting moral principles, which would make them true citizen of our country.
This is an age of achievement, provided one perseveres in whatever he or she tries. It is said that success is sold in an open market. You and I can buy it; in fact any one can buy it provided one is willing to pay a price. Great men were not great when they were born nor when they started their career, but made themselves great by learning.
Out humble endeavor at St. Theresa’s has been to encourage and prepare our students, in every way to face the difficult challenges of today, boldly and whole heartedly.
We gratefully acknowledge your trust and confidence deposed in St. Theresa’s School, by giving us an opportunity to serve you and your children in a better way. Once again, I wish all the students and parents better cooperation and great success.
May God bless you!!

With Regards
Fr. George Theethai