O God/ My heavenly father/who art/ all wisdom and knowledge/ enlighten my mind/and grant me/thy grace and light/to increase in wisdom/and useful knowledge/by diligent study. Bless all my efforts/with successes /if such be thy holy will. We make this prayer through st. Therese.


Almighty God, our loving Father, help us this day to walk in your light, act in your strength, think in your wisdom, speak in your truth and live in your love. Help us never to criticise, condemn, discourage or destroy, but to dwell in your glory, always praising, sympathising, encouraging and to see and think of the good of my neighbours. -Amen


Almighty god, our heavenly Father, help us this day to be humble, obedient and charitable. Help us to realise that there is no wisdom without study, no achievement without work, no love without self-sacrifice and no skill of body or mind without discipline, Teach us to be a loyal friend to all. - Amen


Almighty god, our loving Father, bless us and make us diligent in our studies, courteous and king in our dealings with our fellow students, teachers and all elders throughout this day. Make it our pleasure in doing only those acts which will bring glory to our institution and those who love us. -Amen


Almighty god, our loving Father, help us all throughout this day to be helpful to others, a credit to ourselves and our loved ones. Keep us cheerful when something goes wrong, persevering when difficulty arises and serene in the face of irritation. Grant that we be joyous unruffled throughout seeing your goodness in what we do the reflection of God. - Amen


Almighty God, our heavenly Father, bless us and all people everywhere this day. Help us to be generous to the needy helpful to the lonely and comfort to the sorrowful and those in pain. Keep us pure in mind and body and always look at you, the Eternal Creator, as our only beacon in life. - Amen


Almighty God, our heavenly father, bless us and assist us I learning our lessons and in being good children of God, Dear God, help us to foster love where there is hatred, hope, where there is despair, faith where there is doubt and light where there is darkness. May we be a joy to our heavenly father. - Amen