Vice Principal's Message

We speak of and have heard about the various important aspects of education which will promote the integral development of the children. Acquiring knowledge, growing in wisdom, developing the capacity to learn, to grasp and to reflect on what is learned and experienced, are all important aspects of education. Inspiring in the students a habit of searching for truth, love for truth, goodness and beauty cannot be neglected. Education should create in the hearts of the students also a basic openness to fellow human beings, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion and a deep devotion to the society and the nation. Above all education should promote a civilization of love, an art of living which helps to live with dignity, in freedom, peace and harmony and empower the human person to contribute selflessly to the common good.
I am sure St. Therese’s School, Padrauna is fully committed to instil in its students the habit of self reliance and conscientiousness and promotes in them a blend of modernity with tradition, logic with knowledge, respect with caution, politeness with self respect and leadership with learning.

Fr. Abin Francis
Vice Principal.